'CBS Evening News' gets new HD screens

When Katie Couric made her debut as a primetime network news anchor, so did a new pair of display systems.

The Vista Systems Spyders are employed on the new set of “The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric,” where they support a Christie 16:9 projection screen behind the set, an LED display in front of the news desk and plasma screens on the set.

The network wanted a system that could feed both LED and projection, provide keying capabilities and feed rotating plasmas. The Spyders are networked and controlled via Vista Systems software; a Ross SDI router interfaces with the Spyders. The Spyder supports the Ross router, allowing any source on the router to be displayed anywhere.

Spyder fills the need of the newscast to display live feeds and other news clips, as well as a looping CBS logo and additional show graphics.

For more information, visit www.vistasystems.net/spyder.html.