Calibre UK to introduce three VideoExcel format converters at IBC2010

Calibre UK will debut the VideoExcel broadcast-grade format converters, including the VXL-150HD, VXL-100HD and VXL-75HD, at IBC2010 in Amsterdam, Sept. 10-14.

The VXL-150HD is a universal format converter, scan converter and frame synchronizer with noise reduction and image enhancement capabilities.

The VXL-150HD provides flexible aspect ratio conversion with predefined and customizable formats as well as other features, such as adjustable pan, zoom and trim, closed caption support in HD CEA708 and SD CEA608 formats, VITC embedded time code support with automatic delay correction, flexible proc-amp controls and programmable logo insertion.

The VXL-75HD scan converter and frame synchronizer converts VESA or CEA computer digital or analog input formats to SMPTE broadcast formats. The VXL-100HD format converter offers up/down/crossconversion from SD to HD, HD to SD and HD to HD with per-pixel motion-adaptive processing.