Calibre to showcase new PVProHD-IW image scaler

Calibre will feature its new PVProHD-IW professional HD HQV image scaler with warping, rotation and edge blend for use in projection applications at the 2010 NAB Show.

The PVProHD-IW offers easy-to-use warp capability, scaling, broadcast-quality de-interlacing, noise reduction and image enhancement. Warping of any projector image can be performed for projection onto many surfaces, including extreme off-angle projection, curved screens and unusual or non-geometric shapes.

PVProHD-IW intuitively recalculates warp parameters as required to suit input resolution changes, aspect ratio, height, width and overscan adjustments without the need to load a separate warp map for each input configuration.

The blending of multiple projectors is performed using algorithms that allow precise control of blend S-curve, gamma and blend region width and can work with one, two, three or four blend regions per projector.

See Calibre at NAB Show Booth N617.