Cable and Fiber at the 2012 NAB Show

No matter what products you bought at the NAB Show, you’re going to have to connect them, and the folks that make the interconnecting devices are there to help.


Belden’s Jessie Carmona sits in a seat suspended by a single strand of the company's 1776 mic cable.Belden showcased their Ethernet AVB Switch, along with the new 1776 super-strong microphone cable. Also featured were the company’s 2221 miniature mic/patch cable and water-blocking 1694WB product for HD/3G. Belden also introduced new outdoor and direct burial analog audio, along with plenum-jacketed “Banana Peel” snake cable lines.

Clark Wire & Cable demonstrated their new ultra-flexible CD7559F HD coaxial cable for digital and HD/SDI video. CD7559F features a high flex-life stranded center conductor and ultra-flexible Mink PVC outer jacket.

Gepco exhibited their RunONE powered cables, which combine audio, power, and data, under a single, flexible jacket and allow the user to pull a single cable in place of multiple cables.

was dunking their new completely waterproof BNC, the watertight RG6 HD BNC and BNC terminator. The connector provides a watertight seal when connected to a female port, or barreled, or terminated.

Canare unveiled its new DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors, which use ball bearings to create a smooth connection to the receptacle. The company also showed its active BNC, which has cable driver and cable equalizer functions integrated into the actual BNC connector.
LEMO demonstrated its 3K.93C HDTV connection system (SMPTE compatible), as well as its line of digital media converters, portable fusion splicing, cable assemblies and fiber optic maintenance, inspection and cleaning tools.

highlighted its E/O convertor, a portable SMPTE HFO transmission system that allows conversion from standard coax-to-SMPTE HFO cable and back, and coax-to-single mode fiber conversion products.

Communications Specialties spotlighted their Fiberlink 3380/3381, which transports 3 Gbps/HD/SD SDI video along with four line-level analog audio signals (including embedded audio). Also shown was the company’s Copperlink audio embedder/de-embedder and the 6012A heavy-duty power supply module.

Gepco showed off their TactiFlex Flexible Ruggedized Fiber Optic Cables. Tough and lightweight, they are also flexible and remain abrasion-chemical-cut resistant.

Grass Valley introduced the LDK 4427 3G Fiber Camera to 3G Triax Converter, which allows users producing programs in resolutions up to 1080p50/60 to send their signals across any type of cable infrastructure.

Ikegami Electronics highlighted their BSF-55 compact and economical fiber base station. It’s 1.5RU high and weighs 16 pounds, and can support SMPTE cable distances up to 2km. The BSF-55 operates with the full range of Ikegami HDK-series camera heads.

Matrox showed off its Avio fiber-optic KVM extender, which features a transmitter and receiver pair that accommodates dual digital video, keyboard, mouse, analog stereo audio, and USB signals from the host system and extends them uncompressed up to 2,000 meters via a single fiber-optic cable.

Eric Hall (L) with Gepco International and Matt Watkins with MultiDyne discuss the MultiDyne SilverBack II camera-back fiber transport solution.

Miranda Technologies demonstrated the Densite range of fiber-optic converters, which includes SFP fiber converters, CWDM capabilities on SFPs, CWDM muxes/demuxes, and fiber splitters.

MultiDyne showed off its new SilverBack II fiber transceiver camera-back system, along with the FS-6000, Portable “Fiber-Saver,” a throwdown module that accepts six independent digital signals on either coax or optical fiber. Also in the spotlight was MultiDyne’s HUT hybrid universal transceiver, which allows distances of up to 10 km with single mode fiber.

Opticomm-Emcore debuted the first openGear SMPTE-compliant fiber receiver at the show. Other openGear products included a dual 3G HD fiber extension and multichannel 3G HD AES/analog audio embedder/de-embedder with fiber extension. 

Ross Video introduced electrical and optical converters in a new portable point-of-use GearLite line. The line offers three products for converting 3 Gbps HD/SD signals for transmission over longer distances: optical-to-electrical converter, electrical-to-optical converter and a bidirectional transceiv-er/converter. Formats include 1080p, 720p and 1080i.

Steve DeFrancesco (L) of Telecast explains the features of the CommLink to Holly O'Hair of Createasphere.

Telecast Fiber Systems showcased Thunder, a cost-effective, compact fiber-optic system for transporting audio, intercom and data in mobile production, broadcast infrastructure and live sound applications. The company also introduced the Terrapin TR-D6, a compact, bidirectional throwdown device that features an ST fiber-optic output and six BNC copper outputs.

Bittree had for display their High-Bandwidth Micro-Video Patchbay, as well as the 969-A Series programmable audio patchbay, which features a high-density 2x48 jack configuration.

Gepco demonstrated its Online Panel Designer, which will be released later this year. The tool provides a visual interface for designing custom panels via a Web browser.