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BYU Broadcasting uses Calrec Omega console

BYU Broadcasting, the production and broadcast division of Brigham Young University, is using a Calrec 48-fader Omega console with Bluefin HDSP networking technology for its new HD mobile production truck that is now covering sports and other campus-related shows. The 51ft HD truck with a 48ft expansion replaces an existing 48ft analog production vehicle built in 1987.

Besides serving mobile broadcasting needs, BYU Broadcasting's Calrec Omega will be seamlessly integrated via fiber into the audio network of a new TV and radio broadcast facility that will originate a variety of events, from musical concerts to devotional shows. The new facility will be completed this year, and the truck, parked in its bay, will function as an adjunct control room for both taped and live broadcasts.

Calrec’s consoles incorporate Bluefin High-Density Signal Processing (HDSP) networking technology, giving the consoles the power and flexibility to configure complex shows to be packed inside even compact consoles. Calrec's Omega desk features 160 channel-processing paths packaged as 48 stereo plus 64 mono channels, allowing up to 24 x full 5.1 surround channels.