Burst installs new video replay system at American Airlines Center

Systems integrator Burst has been hired to upgrade the video replay control room at the American Airlines Center in Dallas; Burst designed and built the original facility in 2001.

With a limited budget, Burst engineering staff designed, installed and tested the new system, which incorporates existing SD digital and analog routing systems with a new Harris Platinum HD switcher. There is also Evertz and AJA Video conversion and distribution equipment, which was used to completely rebuild the video infrastructure and develop a hybrid facility that the client requested.

Rounding out the system is a new Sony MVS-8000G production switcher, Chyron HyperX3 and Click Effects graphics, along with existing HD EVS and Harris servers, Sony cameras and a new monitoring and tally system from Harris/Zandar and Image Video.

Burst expects to complete the fast-track project in October, in time for the Visa Championships, the first event to showcase the facility’s new HD video boards also being installed this summer.