Broadcast Rent adds Snell Alchemist Ph.C-HD

Broadcast Rent in Madrid, a provider of SD and HD conversion services in the Spanish broadcast and film market, has added the Snell Alchemist Ph.C-HD for use as its flagship standards converter.

The company specializes in film mastering and tape transfers of TV series for domestic and international distribution, and the acquisition of the Alchemist Ph.C-HD allows Broadcast Rent to deliver content to any standard.

Broadcast Rent most often performs conversion of 1080i 59.94 HD content to 1080i 50 and 625i 50 formats, providing high-quality masters for the Spanish market, as well as for distribution of film and TV series produced in Spain to the international market.

The Alchemist Ph.C-HD offers Broadcast Rent a time code feature that simplifies and automates conversion of HD material with the correct time code.