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Broadcast Pix V.3.5 Software Brings Cloud-Based Content to Live Productions

BILLERICA, MASS.— Broadcast Pix has released its V3.5 software, which brings the cloud-based file and data access of its Flint integrated production system to its Mica and Granite systems.

The upgrade connects any system to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or other cloud-based resource for access to graphics, animations and clips during live productions. V3.5 also provides access to Twitter, RSS feeds, and cloud-based databases for live updates to on-air graphics.

Access to cloud-based content is becoming more important in today’s live video production environment. Using Fluent Watch-Folders, Broadcast Pix’s built-in ingest and content management system, V3.5 enables access to any file from a cloud-based resource, even during live production. The system operator is alerted when a file arrives, the file’s thumbnail appears on the system monitor, and the file name appears on the control panel’s button. V3.5 includes PixMaster file management software to view and manage file metadata.

V3.5 also enables any Broadcast Pix system to run optional Fluent Rapid CG software to connect cloud data directly to on-air graphics. Fluent Rapid CG LT connects to Twitter and other cloud data sources. Tweets can flow directly to air or be pre-screened with a built-in management system for editing, reordering or deleting Tweets. Specific words and users can also be automatically blocked. The software also enables RSS, clock and weather feeds to flow into on-air graphics.

New Fluent Rapid CG V3 includes all the LT features plus dual-channel connectivity to local and cloud-based databases, news automation, and scoreboards. Cloud-based databases are becoming common for sports, elections, and other applications, for example, and Fluent Rapid CG V3 allows sports scores in league databases to automatically flow into on-air graphics.

Broadcast Pix offers free upgrades for customers under service agreements, and the V3.5 software and optional Fluent Rapid CG products are now available for download in Beta versions. Final versions will be released later in June.