Broadcast Pix Launches VOX Lite

Smaller version of voice-automated switching option works with Granite and Mica switchers

BILLERICA, MASS. —Broadcast Pix is now offering a smaller-scale edition of its VOX voice-automation production switcher option. This latest entry is known as VOX Lite and operates with the company’s Granite or Mica integrated production switchers. The tool eases video switcher operator duties in multiple mic live production work, as it identifies a microphone that’s being used and automatically commands a video switch to the camera trained on the person speaking.

"For productions with limited resources, VOX Lite offers automated audio-follow-video functionality at an incredible price point," said Steve Ellis, Broadcast Pix’s general manager. "It’s a great way for local radio stations to stream video to the Web or small towns that want to improve meeting coverage without increasing staff requirements."

VOX Lite is also able to add or remove on-screen graphics, roll animations and other clips, execute picture-in-picture effects and more. It works with up to four microphones/cameras and includes control software for Sony and Panasonic robotic cameras. VOX Lite can be programmed to prevent coughs or one-word comments from triggering a camera switch. It also includes provisions for manual override of the switcher and prioritizing microphones.