Broadcast Pix expands Slate line with new 2 M/E version

The Slate integrated SD/HD production system from Broadcast Pix, is now available with a larger 2 M/E panel, which should make it attractive to a wider customer base looking for more capacity and effects. The new Slate 500 switcher, as well as the Slate 5016 and 5032 models (which include an integrated 16x16 and 32 x 32 router respectively, will be on display at NAB (booth #SU10605).

At NAB Broadcast Pix will also introduce a new Slate 100 HD 1 M/E switcher; the Slate 1000 HD, which adds a professional control panel; and the Slate 3000 HD, which adds an integrated router for more I/O and redundancy. All existing Slate 1M/E customers can upgrade to the Slate 5000 by swapping the 1 M/E control panel for the larger 2 M/E panel, and upgrading software.

Like its predecessor, the Slate 5000 family is designed for live production — whether in sports or news telecasts — allowing a single operator to run all aspects of a multicamera 2 M/E live HD production. This includes graphics and animations, clips and effects, as well as the ability to control robotic cameras, audio mixers and video servers. The new Slate 5000 also includes multiview monitoring software.

The Slate 5000 can accommodate up to 32 video inputs, six keyers, six DVEs, animated transitions with audio, as well as a multiview monitor, dual-channel clip store for up to 60 hours of QuickTime and MPEG-2 clips, Harris Inscriber CG, and five channels of graphics.

The panel has two banks of device controls, each of which can be assigned to a switcher function, clip or graphics store, or to control other devices in the studio. The panel also features Broadcast Pix’s unique PixButtons (patent pending), which display the file names of every clip and graphic on the push buttons.

The Slate 5000 can be ordered in various configurations, such as HD/SD, SD-only, analog, or mixed format. The HD versions can simultaneously process 1080i, 720p, SD-SDI, HD analog component, analog composite, Y/C, component, DVI and VGA inputs, with both synchronous and asynchronous signals, in both NTSC and PAL, and in both 16:9 and 4:3 formats. The Slate HD models can output both 16:9 and 4:3 formats simultaneously.

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