Bright House Networks trains customer service reps using video network

Bright House Networks is using digital technology to train customer service agents and monitor them on an ongoing basis. The company uses the Volicon Observer desktop video monitoring system to record and store 60 days of material from four cameras focused on support representatives as they work with customers. The quality assurance team can access the resulting video for training sessions and evaluation of customer service staff.

Volicon's Observer system is based on a proprietary streaming video engine and player. Bright House Networks has deployed the system to ensure proactive delivery of excellent customer service as customers stop in to talk to representatives, pay bills or change out equipment. From Web interfaces at the desktop, Bright House Networks' quality assurance staff can log daily recordings and search, retrieve, analyze and export video clips, locally or remotely, for coaching opportunities and for examples of how different situations should be handled. The company can also look back over archived recordings for documentation relating to any customer service claims.

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