Brick House Video adds new features to Callisto switchers

Brick House Video has enhanced its line of Callisto production switchers with new features and functionality. Callisto is available in both rack-mount (two variants) and portable formats. Its compact design, straightforward controls and multiformat input options make it an ideal choice for live applications. Due to its compact size, the switcher is commonly used in SNG trucks, where quick deployment and ease of use are critical.

The latest enhancements to the product line include a Hot-Cut feature and a chroma keyer. Hot-Cut enables the user to switch asynchronous signals directly on the program bus with no freeze frame on the output.

All switchers in the Callisto range offer 10-bit digital processing.

Brick House has also introduced the Syntax HD up-, crossconverter, which uses a super-resolution bandlet algorithm developed by Let It Wave, based in Paris, France. It brings the performance advantages of motion-compensated processing without the currently associated disadvantages of high-cost and occasional severe artifacts. Syntax is a compact 1RU unit offering upconversion and crossconversion with SDI I/O, multiformat inputs and audio processing options.

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