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Bresnan deploys Harmonic’s edgeQams for VOD

Bresnan Communications, a U.S. cable service provider with about 300,000 subscribers, has increased its VOD service capacity with the addition of Harmonic’s Narrowcast Service Gateway (NSG) 9000 and 9116 edgeQAM platforms, which feature Privacy Mode encryption.

The NSG’s integrated support for real-time encryption at the network edge allows Bresnan to protect VOD assets as they are transmitted to the home. The NSG 9000 universal edgeQAM platform also provides Bresnan with the flexibility to migrate to a modular cable modem termination system (M-CMTS) architecture in the future. Both NSG models are used to perform a variety of other functions at the edge, including multiplexing, program routing, PCR restamping, QAM modulation and RF upconversion.

NSG systems deployed by cable operators today support more than 3 million concurrent VOD sessions. Harmonic’s technology enables Privacy Mode encryption at the network edge to effectively protect the on-demand content against content piracy.

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