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AKT Offers Gen-8 System for LCD Production

AKT, a major supplier of matching non-stoichiometric Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited (PECVD) systems to the flat-panel display industry, has introduced its new AKT-50K PECVD system for manufacturing eighth generation LCD panels.

The new, highly precise and closely guarded system will use glass substrates approximately 2,160mm x 2,400mm, enabling it to process up to six 52-inch flat-panel screens per substrate--thus, doubling the capacity of previous Gen-7 systems for 52-inch screens.

According to AKT parent company Applied Materials, the new PECVD system has been ordered by a yet-unnamed "leading display manufacturer" for the company's Gen-8 factory, with delivery at undisclosed Gen-8 plant due in early 2006.

With up to five process chambers, the new system has a throughput of more than 30 substrates per hour for a sequential three-layer deposition, and more than 60 substrates per hour for single-layer films, reportedly making it the fastest processing system currently available. According to Applied Materials, the key to the system's enabling technology is its control of film uniformity over large substrates.

Depending on how widely the 8-Gen system is used, it could have a positive impact at the consumer level. If it allows manufacturers to cut some production costs, it could ripple down to lower price points for LCD consumers.