Boris FX delivers Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for Avid AVX

Boris FX has begun shipping Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for Avid AVX 2.0 (BCC 5.0 for AVX).

The compositing plug-in package offers more than 180 filters for professional visual effects creation. Leveraging the new AVX 2.0 API features, BCC 5.0 delivers a number of user workspace enhancements, including on-screen and contextual controls for faster and better effects design. Other significant additions are the new filters that incorporate image scaling and motion tracking as well as OGL acceleration for creating unique looks and organic effects.

New filters and features include:

  • Multicore processor or OGL acceleration to take full advantage of new desktop and laptop hardware;
  • BCC pan and zoom, which improves on the Avid pan and zoom filter;
  • BCC UpRez for SD-to-HD conversions;
  • Built-in motion tracking for new BCC Match Move filter, allowing users to combine motion tracking with transformation/compositing of a layer.

New fast-rendering OGL BCC filters — LED, prism, scanlines and damaged TV filters — leverage OGL rendering technology enabling Avid editors to produce eye-catching and unique looks quickly, and enhanced noise and edge detection algorithms — BCC Turbulence, Noise Map 2 and Color Choker filters — now offer users even more choices for stylizing their media.

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