Bolivia TV Upgrades Broadcast Network

OTTAWA, ONTARIO—Bolivia TV will enhance its capabilities by deploying seven high performance International Datacasting Titan Video Encoders, as well as 11 of the rugged and compact HMR Receivers throughout the country.

Bolivia TV serves a population of nearly 10.5 million residents and will leverage IDC’s high picture quality to broadcast events nationwide, ranging from soccer matches to performances of the Bolivian Philharmonic Orchestra. IDC’s equipment can also handle many different types of news and sports formats from across the continent, allowing access to more programming than ever before.

The Titan Video Encoders tackle the challenges of professional broadcasting by employing an intuitive system that provides high picture quality in an ISDB-T environment. This extremely user-friendly interface allows operators to set up contribution links quickly and easily.

A complement to the Titan Encoder, IDC’s HMR Receivers are a series of rugged, compact, multi-format, professional IRDs. The HMR5440 and HMR5442 professional video receivers are ideally suited to broadcast contribution and distribution applications where multiple video formats (SD and HD), interface flexibility (satellite and IP) and content protection (BISS) are required. HMR also offers a combination of features, performance and reliability.