Bluebell SDI Links Assist Telegenic’s 4K UEFA Coverage

BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND—Bluebell Opticom Ltd. scored a prime place at the table for the recent UEFA Europa League and Champions League finals, as outside broadcast company Telegenic installed multiple sets of Bluebell SDI interfaces. The Bluebell technology was used to transmit high-quality, high-bandwidth signals over fiber, which helped support 4K signal transport for the soccer matches.


Telegenic deployed four sets of Bluebell Quad 3G-SDI fiber interfaces and eight sets of BC323 converters for coverage of the matches. The Quad 3G four-channel multiplexers/demultiplexers take in 3G-SDI signal from up to four cameras, convert them to optical signals and transmit them over standard SMPTE hybrid cable. Each signal has a different optical wavelength, allowing for reduced interference over longer distances.

The BC323 units convert two independent 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI or ASI signals onto fiber. The units then receive, auto-sense, equalize and relock each optical signal before converting it back into an electrical signal.

Bluebell is a designer and manufacturer of fiber optic links for the broadcast telecommunications and satellite industries.