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Blue Lucy Media to Launch Cloud Service at IBC

AMSTERDAM—At IBC 2012, Blue Lucy Media (BLM) will launch a metered licensing system for all of its advanced software-based content acquisition, production tool and metadata management products.

BLM software is deployed on IT hardware, but users only pay for time when the software is in production use. Automatic licensing eliminates manual key entry, and quarterly billing for the service enables users to stay on budget.

Blue Lucy Media CEO Julian Wright said, “We believe that the broadcast and video production industry has not yet experienced the full benefit of cloud-based services, largely due to bandwidth/cost constraints associated with storing, moving and processing large video files. 

“The cloud is undoubtedly becoming more prevalent for media asset management, browse content for production workflow, or as a gallery for archive material. However, we believe that many still prefer to store and process master content within their own facility, or at least want to have the choice. BLM’s model provides that option, with the ability to store and manage selected content locally while providing the advantages of the cloud as a pay-per-use and/or pay-as-you-go service.”

Blue Lucy Media’s mission is to dramatically reduce the traditionally high costs and inefficiencies of high quality media production by implementing commodity IT-based infrastructure and adapting it to the requirements of modern media production. 

Blue Lucy Media will be in Stand 7.J40.