Blackmagic Releases Enhanced UltraScope Software

Blackmagic Designs has announced the availability of a software update for the company’s UltraScope and Pocket UltraScope products which provides enhanced monitoring functionalities. The UltraScope v1.5 release includes video gamut and audio error logging, and also allows users to establish their own profiles for quality control measurements.

“The new error logging and customizable profiles are features that I feel will really help our customers quality control their work to ensure they are finishing top quality work that can be syndicated worldwide without any quality problems” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design’s CEO. “I am excited that this software update adds all these new complex features, at no charge and on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. I think it’s going to be received well by our UltraScope customers.”

The new software’s error logging feature allows broadcasters and post operators to automatically keep tabs on important parameters, including audio levels, as RGB gamut, and luminance/chrominance levels. It reduces margins for error by taking guesswork out of daily operational procedures. Users create individualized profiles with specific setting and the software automatically logs error information which is saved in a file along with timecode and time of day information.