Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Integrating Press and Broadcast Centers

(Image credit: IOC)

BEIJING—The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are making an effort to consolidate the media’s footprint during the games, announcing that the Main Press Center and the International Broadcast Center will be integrated into what will be known as the Main Media Center for the games. This is according to a report from

The International Olympic Committee and the Olympics Broadcasting Services proposed the integrations according to Gao Zhi, chief of the Press Center Division of Beijing 2022’s Media Operations Department. The goal is to cut costs, save space and improve efficiency.

The Main Media Center will be located in the China National Convention Center and will host 3,000 registered journalists and 12,000 broadcasters during the games. The new integrated space will be 4,000 square feet smaller than originally planned.

Smaller equipment and 5G technology are expected to be able to help enable interviews to be conducted inside venues, says Xu Jicheng, head of Beijing 2022’s Media Operations Department, which means there will be less reliance on the Main Media Center than there has been in years past.

Xu says that the IOC may use this practice for future Olympics if it proves successful.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will take place from Feb. 4-Feb. 20, 2022.