BeckTV To Offer Beam Dynamics Asset Tracker

Beam Dynamics UI
(Image credit: BeckTV)

AUSTIN, Texas—BeckTV has partnered with enterprise asset management technology provider Beam Dynamics, which will make the company’s Asset Intelligent Platform available to BeckTV clients.

The platform is a self-serve portal that enables users to track, manage, update and troubleshoot every product they have purchased from BeckTV until those products are due for an upgrade, BeckTV said.

Rather than managing technical infrastructure using spreadsheets, the Asset Intelligent Platform offers engineers a comprehensive overview of the technology used across their entire media organization. Engineers have access to detailed asset history, critical security patches, firmware updates, documentation and contact information from more than 5,000 vendors and 500,000 products in the film and broadcast industry via a single, web-based user interface, it said.

"Through the Asset Intelligence Platform, we are bringing data to engineering teams like it's never been done before, and BeckTV's clients will reap the benefits," said David Kaszycki, CEO of Beam Dynamics.

"BeckTV is the first integrator to come on board with Beam, which demonstrates the company's concern for what happens after they leave the client site. Instead of just handing over a spreadsheet like everyone else, BeckTV is handing over an intelligent tool that dynamically updates and has all the information clients could need. This helps engineers manage technology assets and keep critical production infrastructure up to date to reduce downtime and extend equipment life cycles."

When a project is complete, BeckTV will upload the client's asset list into the Beam platform to migrate the inventory data, where it will match to vendor data. The client can also add any assets not purchased through BeckTV via a simple upload process. The client will have free trial access to the Beam platform for 60 days from the on-air date, after which the client may proceed with a Beam subscription or continue managing inventory with a standard equipment list from BeckTV. This scenario applies to any new BeckTV customer and any company that has completed a project with BeckTV in the past two years, the company said.

More information is available on the BeckTV website.

Phil Kurz

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