Barco adds new features to its Hydra Multi-Video hardware

Barco Control Rooms has announced additional options and features to its Hydra Compact, Quad SDI, Quad Analog and Streaming Video Input Modules.

Barco’s Hydra system can simultaneously control up to 60 analog or digital inputs on a single display. One PC can control numerous networked units that jointly display hundreds of signals. It is operated via a standard web browser.

The new Hydra Compact has a four rack unit chassis allowing up to 36 video inputs displayed on one screen using the new Quad SDI and Analog Video input modules. In addition to these modules, Barco is introducing a Streaming MPEG Video Input module capable of decoding up to four MPEG-2/4 video streams on one module.

Both the Hydra and Hydra Compact units can accept the full gamut of video, audio and data services that are found in today's broadcast and video production applications. The Hydra Series can support HDSDI, SDI, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, YC, RGB and MPEG video sources along with all embedded services such as the full 16 channels of embedded AES audio on both HDSDI and SDI sources. Also, there’s full XDS (V-Chip) support, Closed Captioning, VITC and LTC time codes and up to 112 discreet AES or analog audio meters.

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