Band Pro Introduces Carl Zeiss Telephoto DigiZoom 17-112mm

At “One World at HD”, Band Pro Film & Digital showcased the first production models of the new Carl Zeiss Telephoto DigiZoom 17-112mm T1.9.

The second zoom in the ZEISS line of precision optics for electronic cinematography, the 17-112mm T1.9 joins the popular DigiPrime series with focal lengths from 3.9mm (T1.9) to 70mm (T1.6) CF, DigiZoom 6-24mm T1.9, and ZEISS SharpMax. Carl Zeiss lenses are acclaimed for their unsurpassed optical performance and unequalled image clarity.

This 6.5x zoom focuses to just 22” from the image plane -- 11” from the front of the lens. Plus, it has the ability to focus tightly on objects as small as 66mm x 117mm, bringing them fully into frame in precise focus.

The new optic shares many of same design innovations employed in the popular DigiPrime series. Industry standard-pitch zoom, focus and iris gears, and brightly marked oversized windowed cine scales, are employed for ease of use and optimal compatibility with cine lens accessories. Individually calibrated focus scales provide pinpoint accuracy. The lens also features a 95mm front diameter.

The Carl Zeiss back-focus mechanism provides highly accurate calibration across the focusing range. The ZEISS Internal Focus Design ensures top performance, center to corner throughout the entire focus and zoom range. Plus, it facilitates a consistent center of gravity, minimum balance shift, and no breathing.

Like the rest of the DigiPrime and DigiZoom family, the 17-112mm has been engineered for optimum performance in low light situations with the aperture fully open. The design produces unsurpassed contrast control by minimizing flare, veiling glare, and internal reflections—well below other zoom lenses. It offers superior relative illumination and high resolution over the entire screen edge-to-edge, throughout the focal range.

For exceptional color characteristics, Carl Zeiss carefully selects superior quality optical glass, and then applies proprietary coatings. Zeiss engineers have designed the new 6.5X zoom to accurately color match and seamlessly intercut images made with the DigiZoom 6-24mm T1.9 as well as the DigiPrime family.

The ZEISS Telephoto DigiZoom 17-112mm T1.9 is manufactured at the Carl Zeiss Optics factory in Oberkochen, Germany and marketed worldwide exclusively by Band Pro Film & Digital. For more information, go to