Band Pro Film distributes new OpiTek Optimator for critical back-focus adjustment

Band Pro Film is now the worldwide distributor for the new OptiTek Optimator, an instrument that assures precise sensor location checking and adjustment of camera back focus and sensor flange depth.

Traditional methods of back-focus checking that have long been used with cine cameras are not possible with digital cinema cameras because of sensor design and the possibility of damaging it. Yet the extremely high resolution of digital cinema cameras amplifies the effect of any sensor geometry or back-focus location errors. The OpiTek Optimator mounts in place of the lens on any single sensor, PL mount digital cinematography camera and projects a high-resolution test chart onto the sensor.

When the camera’s video output of the Optimator’s test chart is viewed on an instrument-grade monitor, the chart becomes clearest when the lens mount is precisely positioned relative to back focus. To achieve optimum back-focus positioning, lens mount adjustment can be accomplished with the Optimator in place.

The Optimator’s optics are capable of resolving in excess of 5000 lines per inch (196.8 lines per millimeter). And because the Optimator’s flat field displays the whole frame, it makes sensor-tilt errors easy to spot. The test image coverage area is 34mm, which exceeds the imaging area of a 5K sensor.

The system’s lens mount adapters are precision-ground of stainless steel to minimize thermal expansion issues and provide for quick remounting on various systems.