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Band Pro Film & Digital unveils new Carl Zeiss DigitDiopters

Band Pro Film & Digital has introduced the Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters in +1 and +2 magnification.

The DigiDiopters are optimized to work in conjunction with Zeiss lenses and other 2/3in HD lenses. Well suited for extreme close-ups or wide-angle shots with a shallow depth of field, Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters attach to the front of the lens to provide increased close-focus range and magnification capability.

DigiDiopters employ an achromatic dual-lens assembly to minimize color fringing and spherical aberration. The Zeiss optical design ensures a high-resolution, high-contrast image with consistent precision anywhere in the frame. Carefully selected optical glass elements and the Zeiss proprietary T* anti-reflective coating — the same coating applied to its DigiPrime and DigiZoom lenses — reduce light loss and flare while improving transmission for crisp images with saturated colors and accurate blacks.

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