AzEP Integrates Hardware, Software Into ENPS

Amsterdam--Arizona Engineered Products (AzEP) has integrated specialized hardware and newly released software into the AP's ENPS system. Producers in the newsroom can now integrate field news operations into their news scripts. Live shots can be directly associated with stories, receive site traffic can be automatically scheduled and dynamically rescheduled, ENG transmitters can be remotely powered up just prior to air and powered down automatically at the completion of live field reports.
Via AzEP’s MOS-compatible Central Receive and Remote Control software, ENPS monitors, coordinates, and controls critical aspects of field microwave reports. Integration of AzEP and ENPS systems enables stations to remotely control many aspects of live shot set up, allowing field crews to concentrate on covering their stories. Field scripts can also be sent to the newsroom for editing, inclusion in the newscast’s script, and closed-captioning.
Communication with live trucks is handled over an existing station-licensed radio channel. Information is passed back and forth as compressed, encrypted burst data.
"AzEP integration with ENPS allows producers and assignment desks to, for the first time, closely integrate field transmission units with running order and story content within the newsroom computer system," said Mike Palmer, ENPS director of broadcast digital distribution systems and strategy. "Producers and assignment editors can not only assign live transmissions to specific stories, but they can also monitor live shot status directly from their ENPS workstations. This first-ever application of the MOS Protocol to Field Transmission will provide tighter integration of live shot production with studio production and allow journalists and field crews to focus more on what they do best--producing live news."
"AzEP appreciates the enthusiasm and support that AP/ENPS has shown for its MOS-based applications. AP is a terrific partner in this project and shares a common vision," said Jeff Sales, president of Arizona Engineered Products. "Seamlessly integrating ENPS with AzEP’s Central Receive and Remote Control systems means users won’t have a big learning curve. But they’ll see a tremendously increased ability to plan, coordinate and control their field news product," he added.
Arizona Engineered Products