Axia introduces IP Intercom

Axia has introduced IP Intercom, the latest addition to its Livewire networked professional broadcast devices. IP Intercom is a full family of intercom equipment based on IP. The hardware includes a variety of rack-mount stations as well as drop-in modules for Axia Element 2.0 mixing consoles, enabling direct interconnection between intercom and console and allowing audio from any station in the broadcast plant to be immediately brought to air.

System features include all needed intercom modes, including auto-answer and hands-free operation, bright, sharp OLED displays for maximum visibility, built-in speakers, front- and rear-panel mic connections, and drop-in modules that integrate into Axia consoles. More significantly, IP Intercom incorporates new Echo Cancellation technology licensed from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute. The technology effectively suppresses acoustic feedback generated between open mics and speakers, producing clear, feedback-free, broadcast-ready audio.

IP Intercom stations connect to the studio network with a single Cat 5 connection, eliminating multiple hardwired connections. The system’s design goal was to save money, time and materials compared to traditional intercom systems.