AWS Elemental Assisted With UEFA Final Live Stream

PORTLAND, ORE.—AWS Elemental was on the championship stage when BT used its live video processing technology to help support its live stream broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League final on June 3. BT offered both a 360-degree virtual reality and 4K live stream via its BT Sport application and YouTube.

For the live streams, BT’s on-site production trucks delivered the VR feeds from the 12 360-degree, 4K cameras set up around the stadium to AWS Elemental Live encoders for processing and packaging live streams. The 4K UHD streams originating from BT’s main channel playout center were also encoded by AWS Elemental Live for live streaming of the 4K content over YouTube Live. AWS Elemental was able to offer high quality bitrate outputs to viewers on browsers, Android and iOS devices, Chromecast and select gaming consoles.

BT utilizes AWS Elemental software to unify its traditional and multiscreen headend for its BT Sport app, BT TV and BT UHD services.