Avid unveils new versions of its Interplay and AirSpeed Multi Stream server for networked production

Avid has released new versions of its Avid Interplay Production (2.3) asset management system and the Avid AirSpeed Multi Stream (1.7) ingest and playout server. The combined systems can now be used to support wide area network (WAN) production workflows that require the ability to generate high-quality H.264 proxy media in real time, that’s accurately logged and rough-cut edited, and continuously linked back to the original master HD material.

Interplay Production 2.3 and AirSpeed Multi Stream 1.7 support XDCAM, AVC-Intra and DNxHD material natively, and the new H.264 proxy workflows extend these to the wider corporate network, via Avid’s Interplay Access client application. In addition, there’s expanded format and tool support in Interplay Production that offers an expanded range of collaborative post-production and audio workflows.

New features in Interplay Production and AirSpeed Multi Stream include: optimized XDCAM send to playback‚ which significantly speeds time-to-air for XDCAM files when using the Interplay STP Encode service and AirSpeed Multi Stream; 32GB memory expansion option for Cluster Engine servers‚ addressing the needs of large media enterprises by offering ample room to grow through expanded database support for more than 10 million media assets in a single workgroup; and improved system performance by up to 30 percent for all configurations through improvements across Interplay Engine, Media Indexer and DMS server subsystems.

Avid has also streamlined the handling of material captured in different aspect ratios, allowing users to handle heavy media traffic over corporate networks, implement WAN media workflows and offer fast access to archived material by providing them with files that require far less bandwidth and storage than original HD files.