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Aveco to Demo New Automation, MAM Tools at IBC

PRAGUE–Aveco will mark its 20th anniversary at IBC, Sept. 7-11, by showing its new ASTRA Studio 2, a comprehensive automation solution for news and studio productions. Also on display will be Aveco's new standalone media asset management tools that can run in any environment, disaster recovery solutions to keep broadcasters on-air during emergencies, and the company's regional ad insertion solution that enables higher revenue generation in local regions. 

SWR-building in Stuttgart, The Director of the virtual newsroom. (c) SWR, Alexander Kluge.

ASTRA Studio 2— up and running at SWR, one of Germany's largest broadcasters—enables a single operator to produce complex live newscasts and news programs. Studio 2 is hardware independent, working with various vendors’ studio equipment, allowing users to pick the switcher, graphics, and other equipment that works right for them. New journalist tools and MOS integration with most NRCS systems enable journalists to quickly take advantage of these new capabilities without needing to understand the underlying technology. 

Aveco will also showcase its SAS family of applications, which provide cost-effective solutions for media asset management, browse, ingest, archive, and playout. SAS Tools provide a simple and incremental option for users just beginning their move to a file-based workflow and only need modest capabilities. SAS Tools are also designed to enhance the operation of larger facilities that already have an automation or media asset management system. Based on the same powerful technology used in the ASTRA Suite of Tools, SAS Tools can scale in functionality and size from a single channel shopping network to a fully functional multi-channel TV station.

The company will also demonstrate its line of comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions that can be deployed in a variety of configurations based on customer requirements and budget. Aveco’s solutions provide frame-accurate synchronization between sites for truly seamless failover–even with last minute changes in the playlist.

In the social media space, Aveco will showcase its solutions giving broadcasters the ability to promote on-air and upcoming programming automatically to both Twitter and Facebook. With this feature, programming information from a channel playlist or a program rundown can be fed to the broadcaster's Twitter and/or Facebook account. Broadcasters can promote programming or news segments as they air, or promote what will be coming up using a look-ahead feature.

The company will also highlight its Remote Ad Insertion solution, a simple and cost-effective system for Hub and Spoke or Centralized architectures that can generate additional revenue by enabling higher priced ads to be sold that are specific to viewers in different regions. Various configurations enable playlists to be controlled solely from the Hub or shared control with the regional stations. Aveco manages the ad insertion playout in all regions by distributing the playlists and making sure that the media is available in the various locations.

Aveco will be in stand 3.B67.