Aveco Launches Astra Studio 3

PRAGUE – Aveco has announced that it will demonstrate the Astra Studio 3, the third-generation news production automation system, at the 2015 NAB Show. The Astra Studio 3 helps speed up time to air and elevates production values.

An example of ASTRA Studio 3 controlling five large studios with discreet devices and two small studios with Redwood News Studio-in-a-Box, while ASTRA MAM manages production of news assets, all on one redundant control system.

ASTRA Studio 3 offers multi-studio production automation that combines studios by assigning projects to multiple studios in a facility with all required settings available in both. Astra also offers floating shots, which provide flexibility in handling requests outside of a planned rundown; Astra Studio 3 MAM integration allows video results to get to air instantly outside of the planned rundown and can integrate with third-party MAMs in a facility. It also comes with a new Template Editor to develop modify story templates.

Astra Studio 3 supports all types of playout configurations, including from a cloud, a rack of devices or an integrated device. It also controls Redwood Studio, Aveco’s studio-in-a-box, and Redwood Play, for putting new channels on the air.

The 2015 NAB Show runs from April 11-16.