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“Avatar” Predicted to Break December Box Office Records

NEW YORK: This weekend is the opening one for “Avatar,” the 3D motion-capture extravaganza from James Cameron. Rich Greenfield of Pali Capital is pegging it for a record breaker.

“Normally we do not even try to forecast individual movies, however, we thought it would be useful to understand how 3D is impacting opening weekend box office results due to pricing premiums and screen count mix,” Greenfield said. “The mix of 2D, 3D and Imax 3D pricing should result in ‘Avatar’ becoming the biggest December movie opening in history.”

The top non-holiday December opener so far is “I am Legend,” a 2007 film that grossed $77 million its first weekend.

“The film was a 2D only release, which implies total attendance was around 11 million, assuming average ticket price was around $7.”

“New Moon,” the second installment in the “Twilight” series, did $179 million last month in 2D during its first weekend, meaning about 20 million people saw it. “... included here simply to give a sense of how many people can attend a movie over three days,” Greenfield said.

“We are assuming ‘Avatar’ will reach opening weekend attendance levels of about 12 million, with 57.5 percent of attendance occurring on 3D screens yielding total opening weekend box office of over $100 million,” he said.

By comparison, “Monsters vs. Aliens” and Disney’s “UP” generated around 45 percent of opening weekend box office from about 2,000 3D screens. “Avatar” opened is opening on 3,400 3D screens domestically, including 178 IMAXes.

“We are assuming only a modest attendance increment to ‘I am Legend’ as ‘Avatar’ is an entire hour longer--2:40 vs. 1:40--limiting the number of runs per day,” Greenfield said. “While ‘New Moon’ was also quite long at 2:10 in run-time, the film had a cult-like following and was a sequel, whereas ‘Avatar’ is a completely original concept.

“We are assuming 85 percent sell-out or more on the 178 IMAX screens--with a $13 average ticket price, which is a $3 premium to traditional 3D theaters and a $6 premium to 2D theaters. [This] equates to a blended opening weekend ticket price of almost $9, with nearly 70 percent of box office in 3D.”

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