AT&T mobile TV goes interactive

AT&T is setting in motion a new initiative to engage its customers into using apps on their phones to interact and organize their mobile TV watching. A lot of this comes from using their U-verse receivers, which brings a lot of digital entertainment to thousands of AT&T subscribers. Customers using their apps on their mobile devices, interacting with their U-verse TV receivers and allowing much more control over what, where and when they watch, is one of the main goals AT&T is focused on.

Many consumers will use a search engine to find information on their favorite shows. They may land on an official website for a series or join a fan page for a show. They may be looking for schedules, information on sports, casting changes and information on TV movies. All of this up until now has been detached from the mobile TV process, as some may be using their laptops, or work or home PCs.

The goal with carriers now is to reel in this usage and bring it back to the device, keeping the customers enjoying their technology without having to jump off for information. AT&T is focused on several apps now designed to provide a richer experience. TV Foundry is an app that allows AT&T customers to search for their favorite shows, as well as view interviews and upcoming trailers, targeted content pertaining to series, and infornatuib on whatever programming they choose. They can share this information with others on social media networks, post information on Facebook and send out a link on Twitter.

Another app program is BuddyTV Guide, which takes interactivity a step further. This app tracks the consumers interested and then provides personalized information on what they may enjoy. Customers can also get reminders of when their favorite episodes are going to be airing, and they can enter a community of people commenting, to join with other fans and discuss their favorite shows.

Miso is an app that looks at what your friends are watching and makes recommendations. Users share their favorite shows so friends can discover new programs they may not know about.

These apps interact with the U-verse units over the customers’ Wi-Fi network. The apps are smart enough to know what the person is watching and allows the customer to interface, share and comment along with others. AT&T plans more apps in the future and will continue down this path, making TV more interactive and allowing its subscribers to have multiple options on how they view their programming by themselves and with others.