ATSC 3.0 Summit to Tackle Business of NextGen TV

ATSC 3.0 Summit
(Image credit: Future)

WASHINGTON—The ATSC 3.0 Summit, part of the Tech Leadership Series, has announced its full agenda of panels and events taking place from March 25-26,  featuring ATSC 3.0 leaders behind the development of NextGen TV standard and those deploying it in the field.

With technical deployments of NextGen TV scaling rapidly across the country, the opportunity to define breakthrough products/services and prioritize viable go-to-market business models is timely and tangible, and this ATSC 3.0 Summit will be a conversation center for all of it.

The summit, which will span March 25-26, kicks off with an opening keynote conversation with Tim Hanlon of The Vertere Group and Madeleine Noland, president of ATSC.

Here is a breakdown of the other panels and discussions on March 25:

  • “Panel Discussion: Targeted/Addressable Advertising,” how and when ATSC 3.0 will impact the rollout of targeted and addressable advertising. Panelists include Tom Morgan,; Harold Geller, Ad-ID; and Jim DeChant, News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting. 
  • “Keynote Conversation: The Architects” is a conversation with Hanlon, John Hane of BitPath, and Anne Schelle of Pearl TV on laying the groundwork for the productization and monetization of NextGen TV. 
  • “Panel Discussion: Content & Programming” will serve as a discussion on how content genres like news, sports, live events and entertainment might look in the years ahead, featuring Steve Koening from CTA and Richard Lhermitte of Enensys Technologies. 
  • “Panel Discussion: Interactivity” will have Mark Corl, Triveni Digital; Greg Jarvis, Fincons.US Inc.; and Richard Glosser, Verance, discussing how ATSC 3.0’s hybrid broadcast/IP architecture is being envisioned by content practitioners. 

Another series of talks will take place on March 26:

  • “Opening Keynote Conversation: Dispatches from the Field” will feature operational leads from Sinclair Broadcasting stations talking about early learnings from the first in-field products and applications. 
  • “Panel Discussion: NextGen TV Distribution” with Todd Achilles, Evoca, is going to look at how NextGen TV can be a conduit for things like subscription services, pay-per-view events, virtual MVPDs and streaming TV bundles. 
  • Keynote Conversation with Mark Aitken, ONE Media 3.0. 
  • “Panel Discussion: The Business(es) of Data” will cover how ATSC 3.0 can add new value to the automotive, telephony and hospitality industries. Panelists will include Gopal Miglani, BitRouter; Marc Hand, Public Media Venture Group; and Kerry Oslund, E.W. Scripps. 
  • “Panel Discussion: In the Public Interest” closes out the summit with a look at how public, educational and non-commercial broadcasters are bringing NextGen TV to life. Susi Elkins, WKAR Public Media; Erik Langer, Public Media Group; Ron Hetrick, WITF-TV/FM; and John Lawson, AWARN, will lead the discussion. 

For more information, or to register, visit the ATSC 3.0 Summit website (opens in new tab)