ASSIMILATE demos SCRATCH v5.2 for 3-D, RED, ARRI Alexa finishing

ASSIMILATE showed a real-time 3-D post-production workflow in its new SCRATCH v5.2 digital finishing solution at IBC2010.

The latest version of SCRATCH introduces Post 2.0, the next generation of real-time digital post-production tools for digital cinema imagery. At IBC, the company focused on SCRATCH v5.2 data workflows and finishing for 3-D productions as well as digital cinema formats like RED’s native R3D files and ARRI’s ARRIRAW.

The SCRATCH 3-D finishing workflow offers a live, interactive stereo workflow with real-time conform, color grading, finishing and playback of uncompressed 2K stereoscopic content directly to a 3-D monitor. SCRATCH v5.2 includes real-time 3-D-specific features for enhanced convergence, scaling and versioning.

SCRATCH advanced finishing and compositing workflow supports real-time data workflows with advanced features for finishing and compositing of 3-D, RED MX and beyond, RED MX-3D, ARRI Alexa, HD/SD, film DPX, Avid MXF or any mix of formats.