Aspera introduces Aspera Sync 1.0

Aspera unveiled Aspera Sync 1.0, a new multidirectional file replication and synchronization engine for large file stores, at the 2011 NAB Show.

Aspera Sync 1.0 is designed to overcome the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools and scale up for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs.

The company also rolled out fasp 2.7, the next generation of Aspera’s high-speed file transfer suite, which adds new functionality across Aspera’s product line by supporting transfers of unlimited data sizes and includes innovations in the fasp transport for high performance on hypervisor virtual machine environments.

Additionally, company’s new Aspera Console 1.5 delivers centralized configuration, tracking, reporting and automation of Aspera transfers. It introduces new transfer reporting capabilities for project-specific reporting and is designed to handle large-scale transfer history with quicker responsiveness for large transfer databases (1 million records) and faster file search speed.