ARRI, da Vinci collaborate on DI file exchange protocol

ARRI and da Vinci Systems have jointly developed a file exchange process that provides tight integration between ARRI's ARRISCAN film scanner and da Vinci’s Resolve color enhancement and Revival restoration systems.

The new da Vinci-ARRI Exchange (DAE) protocol allows for close coordination between a facility's scanning and color correction departments, which improves workflow efficiency.

DAE was developed to eliminate the confusion between departments in the DI facility. Typically when a DI project originates, the scanning and color correction departments are faced with a number of parameter quandaries such as what needs to be scanned, where on the SAN to store it and naming conventions. When these are not properly addressed in advance, the colorist loses time and projects are delayed.

With DAE, the colorist simply loads an EDL on any da Vinci Resolve or Splice system and sets the desired parameters. From this, a DAE list is generated and exported to the ARRI scanner. A specific scan list is then generated so only the materials required are scanned, and file names and directories are specified using preset and defined naming conventions. In addition, placeholders are created in the Resolve/Splice media pool, and as clips are scanned, the timeline automatically fills, allowing grading to start immediately as the clips are loaded.

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