Archimedia Makes Reseller Deal With Front Porch Digital

DELRAY BEACH, FLA. — Archimedia Technology has formed a reseller agreement with Front Porch Digital, in which Front Porch Digital customers will be able to purchase the Archimedia Reference Player, Archimedia HD and 4K SDI cards and proprietary Archimedia test patterns from Front Porch Digital in conjunction with Front Porch Digital products.

Archimedia will allow Front Porch Digital to install free trial versions of Reference Player on Front Porch Digital products. Front Porch Digital will continue providing primary support for customers who use the Reference Player, and the Front Porch Digital support team also will use it in support activities.

“Many Archimedia customers own Front Porch Digital products, many of which require special players or SD cards to play sophisticated archival files, so this partnership is a natural fit for both companies,” said Mark Gray, CEO and president of Archimedia. “It will enable those customers to work with Front Porch Digital to purchase both companies’ products within a unified sales and support process for maximum convenience and efficiency.”

Users Front Porch Digital’s SAMMAsolo G4 HD require a reference player to play SAMMA JPEG 2000 MXF high-definition files. Earlier versions included a player card (SDI output) for SAMMA JPEG 2000 MXF standard-definition files only, but it is no longer available. The Reference Player and SDI cards will serve all SD and HD needs for going forward.

“This relationship with Archimedia gives our customers, especially archivists who specialize in analog-to-digital migration the first affordable means through which to play their archival files on a single universal player which gives them continuity across the entire life of the asset,” said Rino Petricola, senior vice president and general manager at Front Porch Digital. “We’re also excited about the AXF format and its usefulness for archiving DPX sequences for the movie and postproduction industries. Because Archimedia Reference Player plays DPX sequences, it’s a natural pairing with our DIVArchive 7.1 content storage management system.”