AR Metaverse Comes to Streaming With Cinedigm-Nreal Partnership

(Image credit: Nreal)

LOS ANGELES—Streaming service Cinedigm is working with augment reality (AR) technology provider Nreal to bring three of its channels to Nreal’s newly launched AR TV app, Cinedigm announced today.

The deal makes three Cinedigm channels –Bloody Disgusting TV, Realmadrid TV and CONtv, available to fans of immersive technology. In December 2021, Nreal launched AR glasses for consumers in the United States through a partnership with Verizon.

"Our partnership with Cinedigm in the U.S. comes at an exciting time, as we're building out a holistic AR experience for consumer audiences. For the first time, fans can now engage with Cinedigm's streaming content through Nreal's AR glasses, on a 220-inch virtual HD screen," said Nreal co-founder Peng Jin.

The Nreal Light glasses tether to an Android smartphone, giving users access to immersive AR experiences. Cinedigm’s Matchpoint 2.0 technology stack makes it possible for partners to compete in streaming markets and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the next phase of development in the entertainment industry, the company said.

Nreal is pushing to bolster its content ecosystem with its new AR TV app that allows for simple integration with streaming content. Besides its spatial content layout, the app provides a Theatre Mode that projects a virtual 220-inch-sized HD screen that takes full advantage of Nreal Light's display quality, the company said.

Bloody Disgusting TV is a free streaming service offering theatrical releases, original content and cult favorites in the horror genre. Realmadrid TV gives viewers access to two to three matches per week during Real Madrid’s season of La Liga games as well as UEFA Champions League and Cup tournaments. CONtv offers films and TV shows in the action/thriller, horror, anime and sci-fi/fantasy genres.

"Cinedigm is committed to embracing the best and most innovative technologies that entertain our audiences in compelling ways," said Tony Huidor, chief technology & product officer at Cinedigm. "We are proud to be a U.S. launch partner of Nreal. This partnership provides a direct path for us into the emerging metaverse through the ongoing evolution of AR & MR technology.”

More information is available on the Cinedigm (opens in new tab) and Nreal (opens in new tab) websites. 

Phil Kurz

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