Apple introduces 17in MacBook Pro for media editing

At last week’s MacWorld, Apple unveiled a new 17in MacBook Pro featuring an aluminum unibody enclosure and a new built-in battery that delivers up to eight hours of use. The top end model is designed for media production.

Apple said the new computer’s battery gets up to 1000 recharges for more than three times the lifespan of conventional notebook batteries. The 17in model, frequently used for video editing in television and film production, has a high-resolution LED-backlit display and large glass Multi-Touch trackpad.

The new model features NVIDIA graphics and the latest generation Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors.

The new 17in MacBook Pro includes an ultra-thin, widescreen glossy 1920 x 1200 display with 78 percent more pixels than the 15in MacBook Pro and a 60 percent greater color gamut that delivers desktop-quality color in a notebook. The LED-backlit display has brilliant instant-on performance, uses up to 30 percent less energy and eliminates the mercury found in industry standard fluorescent tube backlights.

Measuring 0.98in thick and weighing 6.6lb, the 17in MacBook Pro is the world’s thinnest and lightest 17in notebook. It includes a Mini DisplayPort to connect with the new Apple LED Cinema Display featuring a 24in LED-backlit widescreen display with a built-in iSight video camera, microphone and speakers.

The computer will ship at the end of January.

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