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AP Announces New Newsroom Tool for Reporters and Presenters

The Associated Press has announced the availability of a new tool to make news reporting and presentation less cumbersome, and also to reduce the volume of paper consumed in a typical news room operation. The ENPS Tablet Story Viewer (TSV) allows field reporters and studio presenters to read and review stories directly on ENPS-enabled iPads or an Android-based Tablet PC.

“We believe the ENPS Tablet Story Viewer will give presenters new flexibility while on air, and field reporters new options while covering stories. This is something our customers have been asking about and we think it will gain rapid acceptance in the marketplace,” said Lee Perryman, director of broadcast technology at the Associated Press.

The TSC automatically stores a complete copy of the news rundown and featured stories, providing news personnel with the electronic equivalent of a paper script, and something that can be held in their hands. Reporters can not only view their stories, but also the full context of their station’s news presentations. It integrates with AP’s ENPS mobile client, allowing reporters in the field to view assignments, look up contacts, and well as providing search and messaging functions.