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Anton Bauer Gear Delivers During Olympic Coverage

Anton/Bauer delivered an assortment of gear to broadcasters covering the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The global networks included Beijing Olympic Broadcast (BOB), WNBC-TV Network, NBC Today, and NBC owned, operated and/or affiliated stations, Belo Television, Hearst Argyle Television, Lin Broadcasting, Bonneville International Corp. and Gannett Co.

The equipment was also used by ESPN, CNN, Australian-based SBS, Finland's YLE and Sweden-based SVT, as well as several news stations.

"During the 2008 Olympic Games, I was sent to Beijing to cover the event as a cameraman for CNN," said Andrew Waller, a London-based CNN photojournalist. "While on assignment, I required support from the Anton/Bauer guys on more than one occasion and was delighted with their swift, professional and friendly service. Nothing was a problem for them and I'm looking forward to seeing them again here in London in 2012."

Among the Anton/Bauer gear utilized were:

  • 80 Quad 2702;
  • 35-TWQ and 35 T2 chargers;
  • 50 Dionic 160 and 100 Dionic 90 batteries;
  • 400 Hytron 140 and 75 Hytron 100 batteries;
  • 25 Hytron 50 batteries for broadcast and ENG-style cameras, and
  • 20 ElipZ 10K batteries for smaller 7.2 V handheld cameras.

In addition, brackets, lighting, belts, cables and other accessories were also used.