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Angenieux 35mm Optimo lenses acquire TV Globo production

TV Globo, Brazil’s leading television network, is producing a new prime-time telenovela called “Passione,” which is filmed on-location in Brazil and Italy, with 35mm Optimo Film Lenses from Angenieux.

The Portuguese language network purchased 17 Optimo 35mm film lenses, including, 15-40mm, 28-76mm and 24-290mm models, after renting the Angenieux 24-290mm zoom lens for a shoot. Globo had also used Angenieux large format zoom lenses when it first purchased digital cinema cameras and was impressed with the quality and performance of the lenses.

TV Globo’s telenovelas, serials, reality shows, comedies and children’s entertainment shows are produced at the network’s large studio complex in Rio de Janeiro, where approximately 2500 hours of programming (equal to more than 1200 feature-length films) is created each year.

The crew shoots a lot of scenes handheld-style when on-location, and the 15-40 and 28-76 lenses are ideal because they weigh less than 5lbs. In addition, the lenses hold up well to the daily rigors of remote production. They offer a range of 15-40mm (diagonal 31.1mm), a minimum object distance (MOD) of 2ft and offer constant superior levels of optical performance across the entire 2.7X zoom range.

Much of TV Globo’s studio productions have also been enhanced with new angles, focus pulls and more sophisticated action sequences using the Optimo 24-290 zoom lens. And because of the zoom range of the lens when it’s used on a crane, the broadcaster can do a full day of production with a single lens, which saves valuable time.

The design of the Optimo studio (24-290mm) lens eliminates breathing and ramping issues, and its focus engravings are large and precise, making focus pulling easier for camera operators. The minimum object distance for the Optimo 24-290mm zoom is 4ft, and the lens weighs in at 24lbs.

The Optimo 28-76mm lens features an extremely fast (f/2.4) and consistent aperture speed of T2.6 throughout the zoom range for improved shooting across various lighting conditions. It is available with both PL and Panavision mounts, and features a range of 28-76mm (2.7X zoom ratio) and a close focus range of 2ft.