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AMWA to sponsor MXF Mastering Format Project demonstration at NAB

The MXF Mastering Format Project demonstration, “Putting AAF and MXF to Work,” at NAB2007 will now be sponsored by the AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association). Formerly the AAFA (Advanced Authoring Format Association), the AMWA, together with Turner Broadcasting System, will sponsor the first public demonstration of the MXF Mastering Format Project with Marquis Broadcast, Metaglue, Omneon, Open Cube Technologies, Pro-Bel, Quantum, Snell & Wilcox, Softel and TMD.

This is a long-term initiative that is being led by Turner Broadcasting System. Its aim is to bring a fresh approach to MXF and to provide proposed, real-world solutions for key workflows, focusing on creating a single MXF master file from which multiple versions of a program may be created. This project currently includes two key strands: MXF Mastering Format and the MXF Processor API. The work, which started two years ago, will be open to comment. The demonstration will be in the Summit Room of the Renaissance Hotel.

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