AMI uses Signiant

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI), a Canadian not-for-profit media company that provides broadcast content for the blind, low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, has adopted Signiant's digital file transfer technology. Signiant is automating and accelerating delivery of media files among AMI's local broadcasting centers across Canada and its two main broadcasting facilities in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, to streamline production of described video and closed-captioned content.

Mandated as must-carry content by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), AMI's programs are designed for Canadians who are blind, deaf, vision-, hearing- or mobility-restricted, learning disabled, print-restricted, or learning English as a second language by making print, broadcast and online media accessible.

The organization's VoicePrint service provides audio readings of local, national, and international news and information that are broadcast and also available from the AMI website. In addition, AMI produces The Accessible Channel (TACtv), the world's only television network to broadcast all programs with open described video and closed captioning. Available on the digital basic tier, TACtv broadcasts Hollywood movies and popular TV shows into more than 5 million Canadian homes.