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AmberFin to Introduce 'Unified Quality Control' at IBC

AMSTERDAM: Media ingest and transcoding technology firm AmberFin has announced their plans to introduce their newest iCR file-based system at IBC 2011.

Version 7.3 of the company's flagship iCR integrates with Unified Quality Control (UQC) across all ingest and transcoding operations, resulting in easier and more powerful commands through the use of a single timeline.

Called an “automated process with a human touch,” this addition aims to increase the confidence of users during the file creation and distribution processes.

The use of UQC enables multiple instances of automation at particular levels of control and provide for file conversion to multiple formats in a single software environment. Processes can be automated as is required, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks, increasing overall efficiency.

“Within modern media facilities there is an overarching need to maximize the value of video content, which requires the ability to transcode to more formats and produce copies more cost-effectively,” said Bruce Devlin, AmberFin’s CTO, in a press release.