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AmberFin launches iCR version 4.5

In the latest upgrade to its content mastering and transcoding workstation, AmberFin has announced the immediate availability of iCR 4.5. The new software further enhances file-based workflow efficiency and raises the bar on image quality, while reducing cost per deliverable.

iCR is used for HD/SD ingest, video conversion and transcoding. It has integrated quality control (QC), automation and asset management, and integration with storage.

Version 4.5 features native support for Avid DNxHD and Final Cut Pro post production, and has extended MXF support of native Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM and Avid Op Atom.

File-based SD motion-compensated frame rate conversion is now available as a standard feature on all iCR systems. New broadcast-quality sharpening and softening preprocessing filters integrate SD and HD content and eliminate macroblocking artifacts at low bit rates without compromising quality.

With iCR’s latest architectural improvements, transcoding to multiple platforms can now begin within seconds of the ingest process being started. This approach allows multiple, simultaneous transcode processes, each with automated QC, to begin as soon as the master encode process is underway.