Allegro DVT, Beamr Unveil Content-Adaptive Silicon IP Video Encoder

Allegro DVT
(Image credit: Allegro DVT)

Video processing silicon IP core provider Allegro DVT and Beamr, developer of content-adaptive video encoding technologies, are bringing to market an integrated solution that combines Beamr’s CABR silicon IP with Allegro’s video encoding IP to create one of the first content-adaptive silicon IP encoders.

The dramatic increase of video usage is forcing the industry to consider HW-based video encoding solutions to control implementation complexity and cost,” said Allegro DVT CEO Nouar Hamze. “The integrated Allegro DVT E2xx/Beamr CABR solution provides our common customer base with the most advanced ASIC-ready option to further improve video compression efficiency.”

The integrated solution offers ASIC vendors the ability to create high-performance, low latency video encoding chips that reduce video bitrate without compromising quality, Allegro DVT said.

The Allegro DVT E2xx family of silicon IPs is a highly optimized video encoding solution targeted at ASIC implementations in a range of process node technologies down to 3nm. It supports a variety of image and video formats, including JPEG, H.264, HEVC, VP9 and AV1 up to 8K resolutions, the company said.

Beamr’s CABR engine reduces the bitrate of video streams encoded by any standard video encoder, including the AV1 codec, by up to 50% without affected perceptual quality. The compressed streams remain fully standards-compliant and can be decoded by any standard video decoder, it said.

When developing our silicon IP implementation, we’ve found Allegro’s video encoders to be the perfect partner for integration, due to their superior video quality, high performance, and support for the latest video codecs,” said Sharon Carmel, founder and CEO of Beamr.

“By integrating our CABR Silicon IP library with Allegro’s video encoders, we are now bringing the optimization benefits to ASIC providers, who can utilize them in all video applications from video surveillance and IoT to 8K live broadcasting, low latency cloud gaming and more,she said. 

The combined solution is available now for evaluation via a bit-accurate software simulation model.

More information is available online from Allegro DVT (opens in new tab)

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