AES Issues Invitation for Streaming-Related Convention Sessions

The Audio Engineering Society has decided to broaden the scope of topics at its October convention with a call to industry members for proposals and recommendations on media streaming-related topics.

"The AES Convention is considered a primary conduit for timely information, and we have seen steady growth in the number of our sessions and in attendance to our ‘Conference Within The Convention,’" said David Bialik, AES convention sessions chair. "Over the past two decades our sessions have addressed an increasingly diverse platform of broadcast issues. Media Streaming has emerged as a vital adjunct to our program. We are calling for ideas and suggestions from experts in high and low-end Internet TV, Radio, Satellite, media streaming, production, facility design, digital innovation, the EE community and issues related to the mobile listener/viewer experience."

Agnieszka Roginska, AES convention committee chair, said that the organization had done some fishing work in the area of new topics and that this bit of experimentation has resulted in "a number of solid suggestions" and also "confirmed the validity" of previously planned convention presentations.

The convention being planned is set for Oct. 9 through 12 and will be held at New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center. It marks the 127th such conference for the organization.