Advanced Media Workflow Association Launches AMWA Labs

MADISON, WIS—The Advanced Media Workflow Association launches the AMWA Labs initiative. This will complement its existing Networked Media Incubator project.

Initially, AMWA Labs will explore what the group referred to as a “cloud-fit” approach to Networked Media, employing data center and streaming technologies.

It provides a learning opportunity and an unconstrained environment to consider how discovery, transport and compression will work, while taking into consideration security for media content from the beginning and throughout the entire production and distribution process.

The output of this short exploratory project will provide valuable input to the Networked Media Incubator project which concentrates on practical implementations and the development of the Networked Media Open Specifications.

Over the coming weeks, AMWA Labs will share its thinking and request comment from AMWA members via the AMWA Basecamp, in the run-up to NAB 2017.

“Effective communication with both end users and their suppliers are needed to make an activity of this type possible - and that’s one of our strengths.” said Brad Gilmer, AMWA executive director. “Our goal is to further expand the NMOS toolbox to satisfy the rapidly evolving business needs of the media industry.”

The AMWA is a participant in the Joint Task force on Networked Media (JT-NM) and to be working closely with other trade associations to provide a joined-up approach for this technology development.